A. Main Street
        1.  Mayor’s welcome to HP for all new businesses and                                 restaurants.
        2.  Beautified entrance to Highland Park from New Brunswick.
        3.  Commitment to continued tax stability.
        4.  Commitment to creating a collaborative workspace                               called “HPWorks” to support our local creators, freelancers,               and professionals.

        5. Continued commitment to filling all Main Street storefronts.

        6. Bolster the economy through downtown development.

        7. Stabilized taxes through shared services, new revenue                          sources, and economic development.

B. Infrastructure 
        1.  New water/sewer management plan
        2.  Public/private partnerships 
             a.  coordinated road repairs with County
             b.  PSEG road repairs coordinated with Boro road repair                            schedule


C. New Brunswick/HP partnerships
        1.  Pursue free commuter shuttle service with RU, New                              Brunswick, and HP


A.  Energy audit for older buildings.

B.  Solar panels on police station.

C.  Electric Vehicle phase in for Boro vehicles.

D.  Electric Vehicle charging stations and green energy plans

E.  PSE&G Solar Field, built on otherwise unusable land (former                dump site) yielding new revenue and research on solar energy            to benefit Highland Park

F.  Plastic bag ordinance passed in 2019

G.  BPU-funded grant for Microgrid Feasibility Study to help keep           Highland Park resilient in the face of a temporary emergency


A. Continued commitment to community-based policing and social justice in our town.
        1.  Creation of Equity Commission to ensure policing,                         hiring and overall community fairness.
        2.  Sent new police leadership plus 4 additional officers

             to implicit bias training provided by NOBLE (nat’l org                 of black law enforcement) at end of April 2019.
        3.  Hiring new Chief police mentor with participation of                   HP Equity Commission in interview process.
        4.  Changes to the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures)                   for the police department in dealing with immigrant                     and refugee community.
        5.  Increased use of body cameras by the police                                   department.
        6.  Received the 2018 NJ Healthy Community Award.

B. Commitment to keep Highland Park livable.
        1.  Introduced new AARP senior program and grant             

        2.  Abandoned properties buy-back program to create                       more affordable family housing in Highland Park.
        3.  Honored commitment to affordable housing,                                   creating more than required by COAH.
        4.  Created new non-profit “Highland Park Gives a Hoot”                 fund. 
             a.  The fund provides lunches to 38% of public school                        children when school is not in session. 
             b.  Additionally, provides summer camp grants and                            teen mentoring programs.

        5.  Built and opened Highland Park Community Teen                         Center, which provides comprehensive youth services                 to our local youth.

        6. Created programs to bring residents in from the                            margins, such as the Highland Park Municipal ID.

C. Commitment to keep Highland Park healthy.
        1.   Support for improved and more comprehensive                             vaccination policies.
        2.  Expansion of the local mental health registry system.
        3.  Walk with the Mayor program to encourage active                       lifestyles and civic engagement.
        4.  Creation of New Jersey’s first HEARTSafe community,                 designed to minimize fatalities due to sudden,

             unforeseen, cardiac arrest.

Paid for by Highland Park Building on Progress, 346 North 4th Avenue, Highland Park, New Jersey 08904


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