The Highland Park Democratic Committee is composed of 26 members of our community who were elected to two-year terms to represent each of our 13 voting districts. To determine who your committee representatives are, find out which district you vote in, and align it with the list below.

To contact your representative, please email highlandparkdemocrats@gmail.com

Each voting district has two representatives as follows:

District 1: Diane Reh and Michael Brailove
District 2: Debbie Rainwater and Gary Leslie
District 3: Judy Richman and Abby Stern Cardinale
District 4: Carol Berman and Padraic Millet
District 5: Catherine Ambos and Edward Prince
District 6: Shelia Highsmith and Robert Holzapfel
District 7: Nayla Caruso and Alex Kemeny
District 8: Andrea Alexander and Stan Fessant
District 9: Rena Falk and Ethan Schoolman
District 10: Dana Korbman and Sal Raspa
District 11: Nancy Wolf and John Crocco
District 12: Eileen McMenamin and Junior Devonish
District 13: Jane Stanley and Gregory McLendon